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PIMEC2020 is the think&do tank of PIMEC, the largest Catalan SME´s association .  PIMEC2020 is a multidisciplinary group focused on entrepreneurial  knowledge creation and innovation in the field of micro, small and medium enterprises and their contribution to Catalunya's prosperity.

Composed by specialists in the field of culture, economics, management, design, sociology, philosophy, art, IT,  in cooperation with institutions like IESE, ESADE, CCCB, 22 @, Creafutur Foundation, ASCAMM, LEITAT, bDIGITAL and several Universities, creating a vison about opportunities in existing or new sectors.

An open and creative group of "visionauts", sensitive to future of our country, sharing experiences and economically useful knowledge to generate new perspectives and original proposals.

A pot of sensitivities, where the academic community and the entrepreneurial community can develop an innovative roadmap ,  to meet the challenges of globalization, competiveness and social and economic smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of our territory.



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