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transforming knowledge into value


We advise innovative micro, small and medium enterprises  boosting GROWTH, COMPETITIVENESS and INTERNATIONALIZATION.

As disruptive Innovation Hub we foster cross-sectoral cooperation and integrate different areas of knowledge to improve INNOVATION of micro, small and medium enterprises, enabeling spillover benefits generated by innovative sector in the broader economy. We promote contact between research groups and the small growing business, fostering networking with consequences.

We support ideation and entrepreneurship in ACADEMIC and CORPORATE SPIN-OFF (technological and non-technological)

We provide trends, research lines, new opportunities and expertise on business modeling to SME's.



We cooperate with public insitutions in the field of INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and REGIONAL COMPETITIVENESS with a smart specialisation sector perspective, in tradable products and nontradable services to generate jobs.

We link with knowledge intensive international partners to generate highly innovative and collaborative projects in fields of education, international cooperation, clustering & smart specialization for regional competitiveness, entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation, techologic transfer and design.

We provide probem-solving expertise to the new "knowledge needs" of emerging regions.


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